Loop from terraCycle aims to eradicate single use plastic

Waste recycler TerraCycle recently announced a new sevice called Loop that aims to eliminate single use packaging for a range of popular household goods.

Instead of single use packaging you receive your order in sturdy plastic packaging that can be cleaned, refreshed and reused many times. Customers place an order which is delivered by UPS, and arrange to return the empty packaging with a second UPS collection

The service will trial in two major Metropolitan areas - Paris and New York, and TerraCycle have signed deals to bring their service to a wider audience with supermarket brands CarreFour and Tesco later this year.

'The key thesis is that we can't just recycle our way out of the garbage crisis'
Tom Szaky - CEO, TerraCycle

How Green is Loop?

TerraCycle is a bona fide green company that specialises in recycling hard to recover materials that would usually be relegated to landfill. Loop is the next logical step in the relationship they have built up with major brands, and is surely a smart marketing move from the brands involved as it creates a new marketplace and audience for their products.

Loop will use the UPS delivery network to deliver products and collect the packaging. Emissions from delivery vans are not always great on the environment, but economies of scale mean the environmental impact of the journey is shared by everyone on the delivery route and UPS surely have their own commitment to reducing their impact on their surroundings. Major Metropolitan areas often have their own initiatives to reduce emissions from vehicle, especially commercial diesel vans.

Building your carbon handprint is not just about directly reducing carbon emissions - it is about making sensible decisions about what we consume and how we manage the process before, during and after. We think the Loop concept is intriguing. It is a practical solution to reducing single use packaging that could help many individuals address the 'before' and 'after' aspects to lessen their impact on the environment for a net benefit.

Are you in an area covered by Loop and considering giving it a go? Please let us know...

Links: Loopstore.com    Maboutiqueloop.fr   


Steve is the founder of CarbonHandprint.org. He works in technology and lives in a barn. He fills his dustbin once a month and drives a low Co2 family car.